Monday, February 13, 2012

Learning humility......and patience

Wow, what a week!
It seems to have went by really fast but when I look back on it, last week seems to have been forever ago.  So last Monday, me and Elder Garcia where gearing up for the new companion, cleaning the house and what not.  I was really nervous because I don't feel quite ready to train, and especially with Elder Garcia getting ready to leave also.  Tuesday we went to get him.  His name is Elder Perez, he is from Chiapas which is in the south of Mexico, his pueblo is on the border of Guatemala and Mexico.  He is really cool and has a desire to work hard and serve the Lord, what more could you ask for.
Trainers or as President Chavez says instructors (because the scriptures don't use the word trained, he says training is for animals) had meetings all this week, which was kind of boring at times but cool.  He talked about how we need to be receiving revelation all the time as missionaries.  We put it into practice here in Ixtla and BAM! success!!  The work has been really good, and we weren't able to teach a lot this week because of all the meetings but every lesson we had were some of the best lessons, and most spiritual experiences, that I have had on my mission.
Having two companions is difficult at times.  I just try to set a good example and give direction when needed.  Sometimes my companions fight with each other, they are worse than little girls, I wouldn't mind it so much if it was in the house, but it is in the street where everyone can hear and see, and we definitely don't have the spirit with us when they are fighting.  President Chavez said we should think through are problems and then look to the Lord for help,(remembering that he wont do it all for us). 
So my companions where being pretty lazy sleeping until 7:00 or 7:30 and usually I have a squirt bottle and I start squirting Elder Garcia in the face, but then he is grumpy all day and we don't have the spirit. (Per Louie and Brenda-He did not learn this at home)!!!! So at 6:30 I said lets go for Tamales and everyone seems to like that, is out of bed, and is a lot happier..
This week we went and married the Ayala's for the civil wedding.  It was a pretty cool experience.  They wanted me to be one of the witnesses. but I couldn't because I am not "Mexican"  The Ayalas were pretty upset about it, but its all good, I am leaning to be more humble . . .  and patient.
This week we found a really cool investigator, his name is Jose.  We started teaching him and he said that he knows it is true.  He has no doubts about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon, but he has a problem. . . When he was 5 he fell into a well and now has a phobia of being submersed in water.  We are working with him and a psychiatrist in the ward to help him overcome his fears.  I know we can do it, but I would hate for his baptism to be a traumatic experience.
But yeah, everything is great!  I love being a missionary and sometimes the Lord tests us but these are the experience's where we can learn the most.  I love this work and this gospel. I love all of you too, and yes, I have the opportunity to play the piano for church every once and a while.
Con Muchismo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell