Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Absolutely Amazing week in Mexico!!

It has been an absolutely amazing week here in Mexico.
I am glad that you are all back in school and enjoying yourselves in that aspect.  Happy B-day Dall!!!  It is crazy to think that you are sixteen and a junior in High School!!  My junior year I made a lot of big desicions. You probably will too.  Make good ones.

This week we had three baptisms, the family of Laurena.  It was quite the expierience because we thought we were only going to baptize Laurena but at the last minute her husband and child said that they wanted to be baptized too.  So we were scrambling around like chickens with our heads cut off because we weren't prepared for 3 baptisms just one baptism.  But I guess all's well that ends well.  It all ended up really nicely.  Oscar the dad was crying just about the whole time.
In every area I have had on my mission I have baptized at least one complete family, but I have never baptized the whole family on the same day before so that was a super awesome experience.

One of the Elders got the chicken pox so he was confined to his apartment all week long and couldn't leave so me and Elder Rios had to go buy him food and while we where shopping we found two of my first baptisms, Uriel and Judit.  They are doing really well and it was a year form the day that we baptized them that we found eachother in the store.  It was a really great expiericne to see them and talk to them again and it was great to see that they are still firm in the faith.

The dog of Sarah, one of our converts, always follows her to church and waits outside and howls while we sing, it reminds me of the book "because of Windixi" ha ha I thought I would share that with you because it always makes me laugh.

This last week I have been bombarded with calls from all the missionaries.  Word got out that I have worked in surgeries as a surg tech, so now every one is calling me about there headaches or how to give injections to their companion.  I tell them that I don't know a ton about medicine and that I can cut it off if its bothering them, but that's about it. ha ha

This is the last week of the cambio so I will have my preparation day on Monday next week.  You are all in my prayers especially uncle Dale.
Have an awesome week.

Con muchisimo amor,
Elder Fuell

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Answers to your questions!!!

It has been an awesome week here in Mexico.  It has been a week that has really strengthened my faith.  We had our zone training meeting on Tuesday and it went super well.  Everyone left super excited and since then we have been doing all that we can to keep up the excitement.
Me and my companion put goals to pray and pray and pray.  In everything we do to ask the help of the Lord, and I have seen the hand of the Lord in this week perhaps more than any other time in my entire life.

We had miracles in everything from contacts in the street or on the bus, to investigators telling us they want to get baptized, to helping people who have major doubts about the gospel.
The ward is super excited too and they are helping us a ton.  This last week we received a referral of a family of 4 and they are awesome and they have a smoothie stand and give us free smoothies!  I'm glad I get to meet such cool people on my mission.

OK family, answer to your questions:

1.    Do you miss eating cereal and what kind do you miss? Janaye
I miss captain crunch,  but now I eat oatmeal or cornflakes because I am a poor missionary ha ha

2.    What goodies do you miss? mom
I miss soft cookies, all the cookies here are hard

3.    How do you do your laundry? Dad
A lady in our ward does our laundry, but this has been the only ward where this has happened

4.    Do you have hot water? Dave
we have 30 of hot water before the power goes out and then we have cold water because we have an electric water heater

5.    Do you get to play the piano? Dave
Sometimes at church or while our investigators are being interviewed for baptism. but not as much as I would like

6.    Have you gotten more ties? Dal
No, I only have about seven ties.  I will buy one but then I will give it away the next week.  I only keep the gift ties that people or missionaries give me

7.    What is the hottest its been while you have been there and the scariest storm? Tom
its been almost 50 grados (Celsius, I don't know in Fahrenheit).  The weather is pretty calm, usually no big storms.

8.    Do you walk everywhere? Dad
We walk or take the metro to the offices or a bus to the other side of the zone, if it is to one of the other Churches we take a micro (micro buss-very uncomfortable, made for Mexicans not for Fuells) and when we go to mirasoles we take a cumbi which is a hippie van filled with sweaty people. but when we are in my area we walk because it is so small

9.    When you do entercambios (exchanges), do you stay the night at the other missionaries apartment? mom
yes, the intercambios last 24 hrs.  I like sleeping in my own bed, but intercambios are almost always really fun.

10. What is the best food you have eaten while you've been gone? Dad
my favorite foods are pozole, tacos de pastor, mole, torta tamales.  I haven't eaten anything that I didn't like

11. Are you allowed to drink soda--caffeine? Dal
We are not aloud to drink coke and that is the only caffeinated drink that I have seen in Mexico City

12. Who cuts your hair? Mom
We go to a hair cutting school, they cut our hair for free, but it takes an hour, you would think they are doing brain surgery or something like that ha ha.  I usually don't like how it looks so I have to make corrections with scissors in the bathroom when we get home.

13. What will you miss most about Mexico? Kate
The people, and the food, the colors

14. What do you miss most about Utah (home)? Kate
My family, spaghetti, the mountains.

15. What is your best thing to do on P-day? Janaye
I like to go to museums, write letters, watch church videos

16. What is your favorite plant in Mexico? Tom
there are these trees that have these really cool pink and orange spikey flowers they are pretty cool.  I like all of the plants that produce fruit

17. Do you get to call more for appointments or do you have to just go to the appointment? Dave
Nope we just go to the appointment and if they're not there we call them

18. Do you get the chance to go to Primary? Mom
I went to primary one time.  We shared our testimonies and taught them how to be missionaries, afterwards they all drew pictures for us.  I still have all the pics

19. Do you like your apartment? Dal
Oh yeah, we do have a problem with slugs and BIG cockroaches getting in but other than that it is one of the best places I have lived in.

20. What is your favorite primary hymn in Spanish? Mom
Probably "llevar al mundo la verdad" its my favorite, I always sing it with the little kids.

I love you all a ton
Con Muchisimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another great week in Mexico!!

It has been a really good week down here with a lot of success in the category of mission work.  There was a hurricane that came through, we don't get the winds because we are in the mountains but we got the rain all week long.  But it was really cool!!  This morning we went to the temple to buy some stuff in the distribution center and we have to take the elevated metro to get there.  I could not believe how clear the sky was!  I have never seen it so clear in my whole time hear; you could see forever.  It was pretty sweet.
This week was really busy because we had a lot of intercambios (exchanges with other missionaries). But it is always fun to go and work in another area, but I like my own bed.
We had the baptism of Alberto this week, the kid who contacted us.  It has been really cool to see him progress.  Right now he is taking institute, and mission preparation class.  He is awesome and loves to go with us to teach.  The baptism went great, no problems with members not showing up or baptismal font not filling up or the boiler not working, so it was one of the best baptisms in the mission ha ha.

Another really cool experience this week.  We contacted one of our neighbors and she accepted to meet with us (whoot whoot I was happy with that) and then when we ask her to pray to see if it is true she told us she believes it is true because the night before we contacted her she had a dream where she saw god in the distance and he said come to me.  She said she wanted to but she didn't know the way, and then she saw two people with ties dressed in all white who where there to help her get to god.  It was pretty crazy . . . crazy cool.  It reminded me of the vision of Lehi and then I thought about she is probably a decedent of Lehi.  It explains a lot.  Sometimes my companions have weird dreams too, but I don't know if they are real or if they are just pulling my leg to freak me out.
A picture of Dave, Dallin and Me that we sent to Joe

Grandma I hope that you are recuperating well from your surgery, I know total knees can be tough, but you are tougher. 
Kate keep at it with the job hunt,  I know that you will find something before school starts.  I am glad that you are all doing well.  Yeah mom, everything is super great.  Thanks for your letter and yeah the housing up at the U sounds great.  I trust your judgement.
Con mcuhismo amor
Elder Joe Fuell
p.s. Thanks for the pic papa

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life is super good!!! (Pics)

It was a great week here in Mexico!   It was very hard, but I learned a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
This week there where a lot of problems in the zone, ranging from sicknesses to testimonies, so for most of the week, me and Elder Rios have been riding on the bus. And the times we had in our area weren't much better than that, but I leaned great lessons on hope, patience, and diligence and I know that we are going to see some awesome miracles this coming week.

This week we had an awesome opportunity to work with one of the senior missionaries in our mission. His name is Elder Olrigerre from Australia.  It was really an awesome experience.  He is one of my heroes!!He is old and he came out here with us and worked like a mad man, and when he taught with us, he taught with such power and testimony.  It was an awesome experience.  When I am old I want to go on a bunch of missions with my wife like he has.

We did have one really cool experience this week.  We went to the church to give a piano lesson and the person didn't show, so we where thinking of who we could go visit with and we both felt that we should go visit the familia Porras.  When we arrived we found the our investigator Marina crying because her daughter of 17 years just ran away to live with her boy friend. She said that she felt so bad but remembered us and the good feeling she had had when we visited.  So she pulled out the Book of Mormon and started to read.
She said she felt like what was written there on the page was written just for her in that moment and she says that she knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Her husband came in half way through the lesson and he said that this is what his family needs to be more unified.  They are super awesome! They have to get them married before we can baptize them, but they should be getting baptized sometime next month.
Elder Fuell with Elder Rios and others

The difference between a new shirt and one that is 15 months old
Dallin, that's cool you are working in the pharmacy!!  Hannah and I use to make those pictures on the computer and send them to each other.  Who is all working at the pharmacy now?  Still the same old crew?

Life is super good, I love you all and hope you have an awesome week.

Con Muchismo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell
Elder Fuell with Elder Rios and a new covert
Elder Fuell with other Missionaires
As Joe was sending me the pics, I had a brief moment where we were able to chat and here is some of that conversation:

> On 8/7/12, Louie Fuell <louie@ghid.org> wrote:
 Me:   Is there anything else you need?  Mom and I are sending some more
 shirts....and after looking at the pics, you need them.    Did you send
 the tape back yet?

Joe:  I am still working on it, I will have the tape done by next week.
 Right now I am pretty good with everything, I cant really think of
 anything I need.  

Me:   How do you like the new mission president?  Whats he like?

Joe:  He is awesome.  I really like him a lot.  I have already learned a ton from him.  I need to go now. I love you guys have a great week.

Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell