Monday, February 6, 2012

La Semana de Milagros--The week of Miracles

Wow! this week went by so fast! The days are going by so fast, and there is so much to talk about once again.  First we brought Pedro y Rosa to church with there family of three little kids!  Which is a miracle in and of itself.  The ward was so excited to have a family there, the bishop said that the missionaries hadn't brought a family to the church for a long time, I hope that means more referrals for us now that the ward knows we are working!
We had the baptism of Juan this Sunday.  The whole ward was there and it was awesome to have that kind of support. The baptismal service was a super spiritual experience.  His mom who is a recent convert got up and bore her testimony, how she thought that Juan would have been the last to join the church and listen to the missionaries but he was the first.  During the Baptismal service his dad started crying.  He said he could feel the love of God.
So this morning we passed by Juan's house and his dad was working moving dirt,  we offered to help him and he accepted.  He was glad for the help and afterwards we were talking a little bit and he said.  "Elder Fuell, I want you to baptize me in two weeks, can you do that?" I said of course.  what a miracle!
So, it turns out that the first presidency didn't clear my companion to go home six weeks early for school and that he could go home four weeks early.  So, that means he is going to be with me and my new companion for two more weeks.  My new companion is Elder _____, I don't know his name because I am going to be training.  I will find out who he is tomorrow when we meet him.  I dont feel ready to be training, because I am still learning, but I will do the best I can.
Another miracle this week!  Brother Ayala, from who we took the grim reaper things, didn't want to get baptized until he received his answer in a dream, because all of his sons had received answers in dreams that the church is true.  He reads the scriptures every night and prays, because he really does have a desire to know that the church is true.  We had done all that we could do and he was doing all that he could do and so I knew that it was in the Lords hands.  Tuesday afternoon I started my fast so that he could have his dream. Wednesday morning we went to his house and I was a little bummed, but I continued my fast until Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday we went to his house in the evening and he said that he had a dream and he is going to get baptized!!!!  I was so excited we ran to the church were we found his kids, his one son Qualtelmoc, who is a missionary started crying and I started crying with him!  it was awesome!!! 
but.. .
he is not married so we need to get him married which I found out was harder than trying to get him to get baptized!  So we had a lesson with three or four couples from the ward,  it was awesome and the spirit was super strong, and then sister Ayala said,  I have been waiting 41 years to get married, it is only a matter if you want to or not.  and then he went over to her and he asked her if she would marry him.  Of course she said yes.  41 years of marriage.  He told us he was afraid she was going to say no ha ha.  they will get married this Saturday!
that is crazy that the giants won again against the patriots.  and it is good to hear that you had a good trip Dad.
I love you all
Con Muchisimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell
Mom and Dad: Pray for me this week.  I have a feeling I will need some Divine help.
Joe and his Butcher friend

Joe, Elder Garcia and a recent convert and his family

Joe finishing playing monopoly...and winning he said....He always hated losing at monopoly


Joe and his Companion Elder Garcia

Joe doing his favorite thing---Eating

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell