Thursday, June 21, 2012

New area is awesome!!

It has been another great week in Mexico. I am glad to hear that you are all keeping busy.  It has been a great week with lots of rain which means that we are always wet but its all good, its a lot of fun.
My new ward, Constitution, is awesome!!!  It is really small with about 30 members but they are also super awesome. I have never had so many lessons with member in my life.  So it is really nice to have the support of the barrio (ward).

My house is pretty cool, I have to sleep with my sweater or else I get eaten by mosquito's.
Elder Rios my companion is way cool.  We get along really well and we are having fun and working hard.  He was saying to me the other day in the bus how he feels like he´s been doing this his whole life.  I thought about it, and its true, sometimes when you are working hard you just get lost in the work!!.   Today we had the "dispedida" (I don't know how you say that in English) (Farewell ) of President Chavez.  I am going to miss him a ton.  He was super strict but he really loved us all.  I think every one of the missionaries were crying.  I hope that I will get to see him again one day like the Sons of Mosiah, if we stay firm in the faith.

Life has been super good, I am still getting to know the investigators.  We have the baptism of Sarah this week, she is awesome.  She has a testimony that is very strong of the Book of Mormon.
I am grateful for the Book of Mormon and the chance I get to serve a mission!  It is awesome. I love you all a ton.
Con Muchimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell