Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another great week in Mexico!!

It has been a really good week down here with a lot of success in the category of mission work.  There was a hurricane that came through, we don't get the winds because we are in the mountains but we got the rain all week long.  But it was really cool!!  This morning we went to the temple to buy some stuff in the distribution center and we have to take the elevated metro to get there.  I could not believe how clear the sky was!  I have never seen it so clear in my whole time hear; you could see forever.  It was pretty sweet.
This week was really busy because we had a lot of intercambios (exchanges with other missionaries). But it is always fun to go and work in another area, but I like my own bed.
We had the baptism of Alberto this week, the kid who contacted us.  It has been really cool to see him progress.  Right now he is taking institute, and mission preparation class.  He is awesome and loves to go with us to teach.  The baptism went great, no problems with members not showing up or baptismal font not filling up or the boiler not working, so it was one of the best baptisms in the mission ha ha.

Another really cool experience this week.  We contacted one of our neighbors and she accepted to meet with us (whoot whoot I was happy with that) and then when we ask her to pray to see if it is true she told us she believes it is true because the night before we contacted her she had a dream where she saw god in the distance and he said come to me.  She said she wanted to but she didn't know the way, and then she saw two people with ties dressed in all white who where there to help her get to god.  It was pretty crazy . . . crazy cool.  It reminded me of the vision of Lehi and then I thought about she is probably a decedent of Lehi.  It explains a lot.  Sometimes my companions have weird dreams too, but I don't know if they are real or if they are just pulling my leg to freak me out.
A picture of Dave, Dallin and Me that we sent to Joe

Grandma I hope that you are recuperating well from your surgery, I know total knees can be tough, but you are tougher. 
Kate keep at it with the job hunt,  I know that you will find something before school starts.  I am glad that you are all doing well.  Yeah mom, everything is super great.  Thanks for your letter and yeah the housing up at the U sounds great.  I trust your judgement.
Con mcuhismo amor
Elder Joe Fuell
p.s. Thanks for the pic papa

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell