Monday, December 10, 2012

Pray for my shoes!!

It has been an amazing week here in Iztacalco.  So amazing that we haven't had time for anything other than teaching a ton of people who are super awesome.  I don't even have time to sleep because I teach all night long in my dreams and I wake up feeling exhausted.  But my teaching is getting a ton better for the same reason.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  I cant believe you are 44 years old, wow, I remember your 30 birthday, time just goes by so quick.  I sent you a card, you will have to let me know when you get it.
I bought new shoes the other day because my other ones had huge holes in the bottom so a bunch of dirt got in my shoes and every night when I got home and took my shoes off, my feet would be black.  It was gross. So I bought new shoes.  They weren't too expensive, but they are super comfortable.  I just am hoping they will last me another 5 months,  please pray for my shoes. 
We have sister missionaries in our district, I have never even seen sister missionaries before in any of the other areas I've been in.  It just kind of tells you about the kind of area we live in, it is crazy. 
This week we taught a lady named Osbe.  She is super cool and her son Luis and Haytami are also way cool.  They are all just awesome.  The husband of Osbe died a while back and we felt prompted to teach her the plan of salvation focusing on the temple work and how families can be sealed together for eternity.  It was perfect.  She will be getting baptized this Saturday.  We have about 11 people planned for baptism this month.  It is just getting crazy!!!  We cant even put any more appointments for this week because we are so booked with appointments until next week. 
I got your package.  Thanks a ton!!! Elder Chronister and I loved the cookies, and I wear the scarf every morning in my personal study because it is super cold in our house.
I love you all a ton and hope you have a great week.
Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell