Monday, December 31, 2012

The gospel changes lives!!!

It has been an amazing week down here in Mexico.  Christmas was very special, as I think it always is as a missionary, because we really come to appreciate the birth and mission of the Savior a little bit better.  It was hard to find a computer this morning because everywhere was closed but we finally found one so that I could write you.  It was cool talking to all of you on Christmas!! I am glad to hear that you are doing well and that you had a nice Christmas too.  I hope you enjoy your New Years eve/day. Today we will be working but the mission president wants us to write today because there will not be any computers open tomorrow.  Tonight we are going to eat with a family from the ward, they are pretty cool and it should be really fun. 
The baptism of Julio was amazing!!!! The change that I have seen in him has been amazing.  I know that the Gospel can bring hope into the lives of those who have none.  His baptism went smoothly.  The both of us, Elder Chronister and I had to baptize him as well as help him in and out of the font.  He has changed so much.  When we went to pick him up for Sunday, he was dressed in a nice shirt and sweater, his hair was cut and combed and he had a big smile.  When we got to church and sat down, he got up and went around and shook eveyones hand, it was cool, I like how the gospel can bring such happiness into the lives of our investigators.
We had many awesome experiences this week in arriving at the perfect moment.  We arrived right when one of our investigators had been having troubles with his brother, and afterwards he said that we were sent from God to give him the peace that he needed at that time.  We also went with a recent convert who felt like she is imperfect and that the members of her family don't love her.  Elder Chronister and I are trying as hard as we can to become instruments in the Lords hands and when things like that happen we always feel really good.
The teaching between Elder Chronister and I has been great!! There has been a couple of times when we are teaching and he says what I am thinking or the other way around.  It is super cool when that happens because I know it is by the spirit.  That happened a lot with Elder Rios and I and I am glad that the spirit is working through us now as well.
We had to go to the doctors this week because my companion has an ingrown toenail.  They couldn't cut it because it is infected.  I told him to go to the doctor before but he wouldn't call him because he is afraid of doctors ha ha.
Remember how I told you about our tops we got for Christmas?  Well we have started a top revolution with all the missionaries, almost everyone has them now, ja ja it is pretty funny, I will have to show you all my cool tricks in may.
That is pretty much everything, I love you all and will talk to you next year ja ja.
Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell