Monday, December 3, 2012

Burger King Delivers?

Wow! it has been a couple of amazing weeks.  Last week was super hectic!! I had the trio (three missionaries together) with Elder Anderson and Elder Diaz and it was fun but super crazy!!!  We worked super hard and played super hard and had a great time.  We celebrated Thanksgiving together it was great.  We were going to buy KFC but they wouldn't deliver to the house because we ordered it from a cell phone (dumb rule). So we called burger king and they brought us a bunch of hamburgers it was great.   I was with them only until Friday night and then I went and stayed in the mission office and helped all the new missionaries come in.  It was really wierd because they didn't know Spanish.  Spanish is like something natural now so it was just weird to see them struggling with it.  But it made me remember when I got here. 
It was super fun in the office.  I know everyone there pretty well so every day there was a party too. And I got some good pictures but my camera is being funny so I will have to send pictures to you guys next week. 
Oh. when I was in the trio we had to go to the doctors because Elder Anderson needed surgery on his ingrown toenail.  Dr. Ruiz let me help him out a bit and I bandaged everything up.  Didn't think I would have a chance to work in surgery in the mission, crazy huh.
This new ward is great!  The name of my ward is Iztacalco...It is the ugliest area of the whole zone or stake that I am in now, but it is 100 times nicer than Iztapalapa and at first I felt weird but now Elder Chronister and I are running at full throttle.  Here in Iztacalco the children play with Ipads at church! In Iztapalapa they had to play with the hymn books because that was all they had.  So, super different but super awesome.
In this last week we have put 6 baptismal dates for this month and we found 12 new investigators.  I am just enjoying myself a ton!  The bishop of the ward is really young, like 26 years old and only has two weeks as bishop, but he is just awesome.  He got up and bore his testimony and everyone was just sobbing because the spirit was so strong.  We have a bunch of people at church more than 150 so that is pretty sweet.
But the best thing of All is my companion Elder Chronister!!  He is a stud.  He is new but he is already great at Spanish, and he is always just excited to work and share his testimony with everyone.  Life is fantastic.  I love you all and hope you have an awesome week.
Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell