Monday, January 21, 2013

No Water! So Gross!!! (Titled by Katie Fuell)

I was thinking about the week and wondering what I was going to write you guys and then I looked back in my journal and saw a ton of stuff that happened this week.  It was a really good week.  We are struggling to find investigators right now, as is the whole district, but the ones we have found have been awesome.  We have made some pretty awesome plans to find new people this week so I will have to tell you how it goes. 

We are teaching the daughters of a recent convert, Maritza and Karen.  They are very cool and always read what we leave for them but they are super shy.  I don't think there are two girls in the whole world who are more shy than they are.  The really cool thing about them is that they received their answers from God.  There testimony is simple but powerful so I know the that they really have received a testimony from the Holy Ghost.

We also had the opportunity to give a lot of blessings this week.  That was also really neat.  One of our investigators, Hermano Othamendi, who we gave a blessing, has been in critical condition.  I don't know how much longer he will make it, but it was amazing just to see the change of a character after the blessing.  It was nothing short of miraculous.

Another investigator that we found this week is Alicia.  She is in a family where 5 are members and 10 are not so we are trying to help all of them.  Alicia, who is the head of the family is also very religeous.  We had an awesome lesson with her in which she felt the spirit very strongly.   She prayed for the first time where she prayed to our Father in Heaven.  It brought so much peace to her that she said she is going to continue praying like that.  She says that her prayers have always been recited prayers and says that praying for specific things  and thanking Heavely Father for the things in her life is the way she wants to pray for the rest of her life.  I know once we can help her it will be easier to help the rest of the family.

I finished the Book of Mormon this week.  It is amazing.  I wish people would just read it because it is so good.  I have read it several times now and I can honestly say that I never get bored of it.
We did not have any water until Wednesday so that kind of stunk . . . literally!!! We could not bath or wash our clothes, but now we have water.  I hope it stays that way.  We also had a zone conference it was pretty cool.  I love it when we have meetings with the President.  He always just inspires me to do the best and gives me ideas on what I can do to always help others.

Today we went to a pretty cool museum with a bunch of things from King Tuts Tomb.  It was especially cool because the exhibition talked about a lot of the similarities between ancient Egyptians and  and ancient native Americans.  Most of the similarities where with religion more than anything else . . . it was super interesting!

I don't have a way of talking with the Ayala's right now. Dad could probably do it through facebook or something.  I have their phone number but I cant call them right now.  If you can contact one of the sons online it would probably be the easiest way.

That's about everything.  Love you guys lots and hope you have a great week.

Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell