Monday, March 4, 2013

By small and simple things, great things can come to pass!!

It has been an another amazing week here in Mexico!!  At the start of the week it was super hot and we got really burnt and so everyone started calling us camarones (shrimp), but then it got super cold and it is still pretty cold so I guess now we are frozen shrimp ha ha. 

The big and exciting news is that Jessica got baptized, I have been working with her for more than three months and she was so happy.  We decided that Elder Carver should baptize her.  It was his first baptism, and it was an amazing experience.
Elders Carver and Fuell at the baptism of Jessica

We went with her and her husband as they got married in the state of Mexico.  We went there because we have a friend there who doesn't charge that much for the ceremony.  Elder Carver was really scared to go there because I told him a lot of  wild stories.  It was pretty funny.  We passed by Ixtla, I could see it from the train so that was pretty cool.

We had a couple of meetings where we trained the members to be member missionaries.  We were with the whole stake and we also went to the wards of Del Valle and Narvarte, both of which are in my district.  President Valadez was going to come and  give the first training rotation but he had to go to a meeting with the area 70 and so Elder Carver and I were assigned to give the first training rotation.  It would have been fine, but they told us during the opening hymn and we weren't prepared.  My companion was flipping out, but I just said a prayer really quick and advised him to do the same and we went and did it.  It turned out super well and it was super fun.  Its always crazy to see the things you can do with the wards help.

This week we where walking to our house at night on a busy road and someone calls out to us "FWELL . . . FULL . . . . FOOOL . . ."  I didn't hear it but my companion did and he said, "hey, I think that guy knows you"  I looked back and it was Raul.  I don't know if you all remember Raul, but he was the first person I put a baptismal date with in Quetzal (my first area) and the first person that I brought to church.  Then he moved and we weren't able to find him after that.  Turns out that he now lives here in Iztacalco!  He is married now and he wants us to come teach him and his wife!  It was a super crazy experience but super cool.  Still haven't taught him yet, but we have an appointment tomorrow and we are excited for that.

The Elders from Quetzal called me the other day to inform me that some people I found almost two years ago, Jose Carlos and Adriana now will be getting baptized in two weeks,  I thought that was amazing too.  I might not have been the ones to baptize them but I helped plant a seed.  It is amazing how by small and simple things great things can come to pass.  It has been a great week.  I am glad to hear that you have all had a great week too.  Love you all a ton.

Jessica's family with Elder Carver (L) and Elder Fuell
Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell