Monday, March 11, 2013

I got my flight plans. I didn't read them but I sent them to you

It has been an another amazing week here in Mexico!!  Sounds like it has been pretty good for you too.  March is the best month in Mexico, the weather is perfect and all the trees have a bunch of blossoms, it looks cool.  That is pretty cool that you got a new truck, I am pretty stoked to see that. 

I got my flight plans.  I didn't read them yet but I sent them to you.  Happy Birthday Dave!!  You are getting so old, I hope you got my letter!   We have had a lot of success working with the ward these last couple of weeks, and we have seen a change in a lot of the members.  Sister Rivera, who owns the apartment where we live, and is the Relief Society President, would never ever ever give us referrals.   We would ask her and then she would say, "I don't think that is my job.  She would then say, "you can find the people and then we will befriend them at church."  But we had a ward activity the other day where we taught how to invite friends to a family home evening.  She, sister Rivera, decided to do it and because of that now we are teaching another family of 8 and they came to church this week.  It strengthened the testimony of sister Rivera so much.  She brought dinner to our house the other night and she just started crying about how good she feels that this family is now listening to the missionaries.  She feels that they will probably get baptized here soon.  We feel the same way.  The family they gave us is super awesome, we sang a hymn with them (something we don't usually do because we are not the best singers) but the spirit came really strong, and they all recognized it.  They even told us when we left, "there is something different about you guys, we just feel this peace in our home that we haven't felt before."

Sunday morning the bishop asked me if I could give a talk and I prepared something quickly.  It went well but as I got up to talk I realized that a bunch of investigators had come in, a ton!!!!  Probably more than I have ever had at church.  The thought was to make sure we were able to talk to all of them before they left and see if there were any questions we could answer.   Originally Elder Carver and I had planned that he would go talk to one family and I would go talk to the other and our ward mission leader would take the others to class but there came like three more families!!  So we were thinking what can we do?  And so at the end of the closing prayer  I bolted for one door and Elder Carver bolted for the other to see if we could get their information to visit them again and see if there were any questions they had.  All the investigators and less actives that we brought to church made up about half of the congregation.

Everything else is great.  We are working hard and we have the baptism of Julie and Alejandro coming up here soon.  I am super stoked.  I love you all a ton.
Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell