Monday, January 9, 2012

Rabbit!!! yum yum

I am glad to hear you all had a great new years.  Mine was very different this year, but great!!  For New Years day, we killed Rabbits, then we skinned them, then we cooked them, then we ate them . . . .  and then I was really sick . . . .  until Thursday, but I feel great now!  I have no idea what happened at midnight here.  Elder Luna said I could sleep through world war 3 and that was verified by Elder Garcia because he couldn't sleep because of all the fire works and guns and stuff.  When we went to church the next morning at eight, it looked like a bomb had been dropped on the place.  Garbage everywhere! And we didn't see anyone in our whole 15 minute walk to the church. It was really erie.
We moved into our new apartment, I love it,  Electric water heater, which means always hot water!! (there are no gas lines in Mexico city) and the people who live below us have a washing machine we can use and  a basketball hoop!! We don't have much time to play ball, but I taught my companion a thing or two this morning ha ha.
We have another holiday here in Mexico on the 6th of January.  This is when the reys magos, (3 wise men) come and leave gifts under the tree.  They also eat this cake called rosca, which has these little plastic baby Jesus´ and if you have a baby Jesus in your slice, you have to buy everyone tamales for the 2 of February.  I was lucky and never found baby Jesus in my cake, but Elder Garcia found one in every house that offered us rosca.
There are so many great new investigators, I don't know which to tell you about!  The work is really moving forward in this area! We placed 5 baptismal dates for the coming weeks!!  One of these is Ignacio (or Nacho) he is a butcher and always gives us free meat.  My companion said he was a less active member, but when I was talking to him he said that he wasn't baptized! He said he wanted to be so we put a date for the 19 of this month.  His friends are really pressuring him right now with the word of wisdom (drinking) but he is staying really strong, because he wants to be clean from all his sins and mistakes and have peace in his life.
Everything else is great!  I am learning so much.  I love this church, I know that it is true and can bless our lives.  I hope you all have a great week.
Con Muchismo Amor
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell