Saturday, December 31, 2011



Elder Fuell and Elder Luna
Wow, what a week, so much has happened since last talked to all of you.  The big news is I got transferred to the barrio Ixtla Paraiso.  I will miss Elder Luna. I am senior companion now, but I am in a new area and don't know the area or the investigators, so it is a little hard to lead.  Usually the person who is changing the areas arranges a ride from where all the missionaries meet in Tasquena to there new area.  But that didn't happen with my new companion so we went through the metro, which was extremely difficult with my baggage.  The area is great . . . well I think it is great, the members are really nice, and are happy to see the energy I have about missionary work, I hope that means lots of referrals.  The area has a ton of hills, a ton of hills, which is fine for me because I love the views. We are on the border of Mexico city, almost in the state of Mexico.  It is a little bit more ghetto than my last area, but I like it.
When I arrived at the house, it was thrashed, they had not cleaned it in three transfers and there was garbage all over the floor,( i am going to send you pictures of all the garbage) I asked my companion when the garbage man comes around and he said he had no Idea.  So we cleaned, all day long, because we will be moving to a different house on Monday. So that means I am on the phone constantly with the zone leaders and financial secretaries, which is not really my favorite thing to do.

Garbage (Bahaa!!)

My new companion is Elder Garcia, he has five more weeks in the mission and as frito as they come. (frito means fried but we use it for dead or lazy) When I tell him we need to work, he tells me he doesn't want to, which really gets under my skin. Then he tells me he doesn't like me, but I tell him I love him and I don't care if he doesn't like me.

All this new stuff is really hard for me, and has brought me to my knees more than any other moment in my life. However, I was reading the priesthood talk by President Uchtdorf about welfare. and he says when we come to a river in our life, don't wait for the water to pass. Build a bridge or a boat and get across it, so that is what I am trying to do. We will see how it goes.  I love you all.
Con muchismo Amor
Elder Joe Fuell
p.s. still no letters or packages yet, but I will let you know when they come in.

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell