Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We have been working hard and having a great time!!

It has been a great, and wet, week down here in Mexico. We have been working hard and having a great time.  We have seen some real progress this week, in our area and in our zone.
Tom! Happy Birthday on Friday!!!!
Derek and Ashley, Congratulations on being parents!!!
Mom I got your package!! Thanks a ton for everyone who put things in. I loved the voice recorder thing. That was super cool to hear all of your voices.  When I send it back do I send the recorder thing back or just the tapes?  Thanks so much for the white shirts, everyone has commented on how different I look with a white shirt without holes, almost like I just arrived to Iztapalapa.

Last night we were coming home from a district meeting on the other side of the zone, and it was raining super hard and very dark.  We were running (probably wasn't the best idea because we couldn't see that well) and I tripped and slid for about 4 feet on the asphalt because we were running down a hill.  I got a little scraped up but luckily my suit didn't get one hole. Its a little dirty but I sent it to the dry cleaners this morning.
This week I was determined to have 5 more investigators progressing by the end of the week. We have been doing two inter-changes every week to help with the zone.  So me and Elder Rios only had two days to work together, but somehow we pulled it off and had 6 new progressing investigators at the end of the week and 5 more people in the church than usual. And these people are the prepared of the prepared. 

Kristina,  I might have already told you about her.  She will be the next Relief Society president, I am sure!!  As an investigator, she has already volunteered to go visit the less active members with one of her friends in the ward.
We have been really focusing on helping our investigators receive answers to their prayers and have a bit of their own revelation.  We taught Laurena who is just really cool.  She loves to pray and read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, (what more could you ask for in an investigator?)  She didn't want to get baptized because of some fears she had of her extended family not excepting her decision.  We taught her how to find an answer from god, through, prayer, the Book of Mormon and church attendance.  She received an answer!  This is her discussion with her husband who is not a member: 

Laurena- I have received an answer from God and I am going to get baptized.
Jose(husband)- Oh really? When?
Laurena- the end of this month (we didn't put that date. She put if for herself), and I want you and Carlitos to be baptized with me
Jose- OK.
Wow.  cool experience right!?!  It is not our job to covert.  Its the investigators job to pray and find out for themselves if what we teach is true.  Also this week I went to Mirasoles (area I used to be in) for inter changes and I had the opportunity to see Fransisco, one of my converts.  When we where there talking to him, one of his friends who is also christian, came up and said, "this church you teach  isn't true, you are crazy,  the Book of Mormon is . . . blah blah blah (the usual). And then Fransisco said "I know this church is true because I have asked God in prayer and he has answered me.  The guy really didn't have anything that could contend with that powerful testimony, so he left.  It was super cool to see Francisco bear that which he knows.  But yeah,  that is pretty much all that happened this week.  It was a good week but we are looking to do better next week.  

Next week I will have preparation day on Monday because we have transfers on Tuesday, so I will let you know if I stay or go,  Love you all
Con Muchismo Amor,

Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell