Monday, April 22, 2013

One more week!!!

It has been an amazing week of work here in Mexico!! I have really enjoyed just working as hard as I can.  The week went by so fast and we saw a ton of miracles.  This week was my last complete work week because this next week we have zone conference and the President said we should also go to the temple this Saturday.  We are pretty stoked about that!!!  I was pretty bold this last week, even more than normal.  It was pretty fun just to go all out.....I contacted a guy in the street and I said, hello, we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we are here to baptize you and your family!  He looked really surprised,  ha ha.  He accepted to have an appointment with us and his whole family on Wednesday and he asked us if we really knew how to baptize people.  It was a great opportunity to bare our testimonies of the Restoration.
We also saw lots of miracles with the investigators.  Maricarmen said that she wanted to be baptized too on the 28 of April, which was awesome!  She says that she feels the gospel filling an emptiness in her heart.  She also prayed and asked God if she should be baptized and she feels a burning desire that she should be.  However, it is a bummer though because we cant do it on the 28 because she has to go out of town next week and wouldn't be here for the confirmation and so we decided to push it back two weeks, but I am just happy that she is happy and going to get baptized.
A less active guy, returned missionary, we visited this week had a super change of heart.  After we visited him he said that he couldn't stop thinking about the things that we had said so the next day he called the bishop and said, "Bishop I need to repent of all my sins."   He met with the bishop and then the next day the bishop sent us a message and said, "could you take 20 books of Mormon to the house of Juan?"  We were confused but we did it.  It was crazy to see the change in him when we took the books to him.  He looked happier, he had shaved, and he wanted to give books to all the people in his work. 
Overall it was a great week, I am excited for this next week,  you guys are awesome,  I will see you soon!  Keep it up Fuell Fam.  You are doing awesome!
Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell