Monday, April 15, 2013

Planting Seeds!!!

It has been a great week here in Mexico.  The heat has really picked up,  I might come home looking like a tomato from being so sun burnt.  I cant send pics still because my batteries just died in my camera, I will buy some more for next week.
This week we found some new investigators that were pretty awesome, Maricarmen really is interested in our message.  She was a referral from a member.  We could all really feel the spirit in the lesson.  She has a lot of problems in her family but I know that the gospel will be able to help her with that.
We have also been working a ton with the less active members.  Our first week here when we started sacrament meeting we started with 8 people and this last week we started with more than 50!  That was pretty sweet.  We went with a member named Juan who is less active and he knows a lot of doctrine and stuff about the church but he doesn't know anything about the first principles and ordinances of the gospel.  I guess if he did he wouldn`t be less active.  But it just shows how important it is to have that basic foundation in the gospel.
We worked our butts off this week because we knew that if we didn't have an investigator in the church this week we probably wouldn't be able to baptize this month.  As it turned out no one came which was kind of a bummer because we had about 9 people who said they where going to come, but didn't.  I was kind of bummed about that, but then I got a letter from Elder Stauffer.  I started thinking about when I was with him we didn't baptize a ton, but now 6 months later all of the people we were teaching have been baptized and so I am going to work hard so when I leave all the investigators that we have right now can be baptized too.
Everything else has been great.  I am loving just working, being a missionary.  I am glad to hear that you are all doing well.  I will talk to you all next week.
Con Muchìsimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell