Monday, November 7, 2011

Another great week in Mexico

Wow, I am glad to hear you are all doing great and gearing up for the holidays.  I cant believe you have already had your first snow! That is wild, because it still feels like spring here, although sometimes the mornings are a little cold.  For p-day today my district went to the Pyramids in Teotihuacan for mine and Elder Neilsens early six month celebration.  The pyramids are awesome!! I have read so many books and seen so many history channel documentaries about it, it felt crazy to be there.  I loved it!!!  There was a lot of archaeological digs going on, and I got to talk to them about what they were finding.  The pyramids, of the sun moon and stars were built around the coming of Christ, the locals say that it all has religious meaning, like the temple of the stars, has one big pyramid in the middle, the pyramid Quetzalcoatl, which they say is Christ, and is surrounded by 12 little pyramids (apostles), and has three pyramids behind it..... the same size as the twelve smaller pyramids (First Presidency).  I don't know if it is true or not, but it sure was cool!!
I don't know if I told you about Betsa she is one of our investigators, she is the mother of 4 small boys, and I love going to teach them because there is always a special spirit there.  We try to make it fun for the boys too by tying in gospel principles to sports and then playing for ten minuets after the lesson. Betsa, the mother says that Quetzal, who is about 4 always shouts when he sees a tall white person on the metro, "Look! the Fuell!" So Elder Luna has been calling me The Fuell ha ha.
Janaye that is awesome with your primary program!  You will be an awesome narrator.  Katie, Congrats with your grades! That is awesome!!! 
So this last Sunday my companion was kind of bummed because we only had two more weeks together and all of our baptisms are planned for after our split next week.  But I told him that we were going to find someone this week who had been to the church at least two times and was ready for baptism.  He laughed and said he liked my optimism, so we set out to find this person.  And then Friday night during our planning it was weird, we felt prompted to visit this person in our area book, that had no information other than her address, and when we went to find her house the next day, the addresses on the street had been changed the year before.  But we felt like we had been sent their for a reason, so we started knocking doors and asking people if they were interested in our message and if they knew a Marivel who lived on the same street.  As we were asking this, the son of Marivel was walking by and said, "Marivel is my mom", and even better "I have lots of friends who go to your church".  So we visited with his mom, who had been to church twice, and she said she wanted to go again and learn more but she had to go out of town this weekend.  But we have a return appointment to meet with her this Tuesday.
To answer some questions.........I don't eat out a ton, because we only have about 98 dollars a month to live on which isn't even that much considering the low cost of living.  But sometimes I like to buy tortas or gorditas on av. del rosal. and there is an investigator who gives us icecream on calle malfalfa, and we are always travellling down puente rameriez.  If you are going to send another package, please send peanut butter.  They don't like it here, and if I can find it at all, it is in tiny containers.  And AAA batteries for my camera, because they are really expensive, some rechargeable ones would be nice if you could.
I am glad you are all doing good,  I will try to send you some pictures next week.
Con mucho Amor
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell