Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feliz Dia de los Muertos (Happy Halloween


It has been another wonderful week here in Mexico. I have a lot to tell you all about.  First I received your package yesterday mom, muchas gracias for the stamps, floss threaders and everything!!  I have a lot of letters that I have written people that I haven't been able to send, so hopefully you all will be receiving them within the coming weeks.

Our investigators are doing good, we had to drop some this week, two old ladies who sell random stuff on the street, but it turns out they were taking are pamphlets and book of Mormons stuff like that, and selling them to people, they tried to hide it from us by hiding it under  blankets when they saw us coming,  I wish we could get in contact with the people they sold them too. ha ha, I am sure we will find them eventually.

My companion has been sick this week with digestional problems but he has still been trying to work hard.  Some of our investigators gave him some cocaine in a little sack.  It was about the size of a ping pong ball.  We taught a brief lesson on the word of wisdom, took the cocaine and dumped it down the storm drain.  They came to church this week so I would consider them progressing.

Janaye I am glad you decided to be a clown and Tom a nerd, that is awesome.  I hope you are all enjoying your halloween.  Here it is dia de los muertos and we just eat this sugar bread stuff. its pretty good.

It was my companions birthday this week. so we partied hard by spreading the gospel which was a little difficult because he was sick.  but he got permission for us to go to dinner with his old football (American football) coach.  He took us to a buffet of meat which was really good.  My companion who is pretty big was really surprised when I ate more than he did ha ha. but don't worry, I didnt make myself sick. but we were there all day in another part of the city for our day of preparation. and we just got back.

This Sunday was super awesome for me because one of my best friends in my mission, our ward mission leader Isaihas, received his mission call this Sunday.  Here in Mexico the call goes to the stake president not to their house and the stake president wanted him to open it in sacrament.  He was shaking so much that he couldn't open his call. He got called to serve in Costa Rica and he is so excited.  His brother died a couple years ago and he said that he is going to serve his mission for both of them with all of his heart and all his strength.  I know he will because he is such a great guy.  It made me reflect and the importance of the call I have, and re-motivated me to serve with all my heart and strength.  I love this work more than anything I have ever done.

I love you all and hope you are doing well
Con muchisimo amor

Elder Joe Fuell

Sorry the letters are so late I will try to send them earlier next week, I dont like sending them so late either.  We have transfers in two weeks I believe, y voy a enviar los domicilios de los resturantes y cosas coma este proximo semana, entonces ustedes pueden ver en la computadora 

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell