Monday, December 5, 2011

And my favorite, "Nobodies home"-shouted from inside the house.

It has been another great week here in Mexico.  I miss you all, but its all good.  It doesn't even feel like Christmas here, it feels like may, so i don't think it will be to weird working on Christmas.  It will be cool to call you, but I am not sure where from yet, because the president has to authorize it if we call from the church or from our phones or  from wherever.  Happy Birthday Dad.  It is crazy! It seems like it was just your birthday.  I hope it was a good one and hope everything goes well with your eyes.  (I hate eye surgery because the patient is looking at you the whole time).
I will hopefully send pics next week, but first I need to buy new batteries, and they are way expensive here, so I am saving up, I think I know a place where I can buy some this week.
This week was another really hard week, but it was better than last week, so I am happy.  We had a lot of really cool experiences finding new investigators this week, and we had a lot of funny rejections like "I don't believe in Jesus, I only believe in the Virgin", "I am moving to Germany", and my favorite "Nobodies home"-shouted from inside the house.
We went with one of our investigators this week and we had a really good lesson.  When we were about to leave, she said that she really likes it when we come and teach her about the gospel.  She paused, and then she started bawling and said "Its true, its true, I know its true", but her husband who is an alcoholic doesn't allow her to go to church.  So we told her to keep faith, pray, and follow the commandments, and the Lord will open a door for you, and I know the Lord will open a door for her. I don't know when she will be baptized, but I know she will be.
We also found an old investigator, who had been taught by the missionaries 9 years ago.  she couldn't be baptized because she couldn't stop smoking and drinking.  She said to us that she hasn't done any of that for 3 years now, and she wants to be baptized.  She has a lot of other problems, all health related, but we are trying to help her overcome them so she can attend the church.
In Mexico, there is no Santa.  The three wise men come and deliver presents to all the children, The little kids are always shocked when they here that the three wise men never came to my house.  One kid said, "wow, you must have been really bad".  But I like the three wise man idea, it helps me focus more on the Savior and His birth.  It really is an amazing thing. I love you all, I send you my love, and will send you my pics hopefully next week,
Con muchismo amor
Elder Joe Fuell

Ps....Don't forget to check out the picture of the month (Joe conversing with Ghandi-at the wax museum)

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  1. I like the 3 wise men idea too! Love the letters, thanks for posting them Uncle Louie!


Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell