Monday, March 5, 2012

Being a missionary is Awesome!!!

Wow! I am so happy right now!  Thank you for your letters! and all the great news!  Justin!!!  I am so excited for you!!  That is so awesome!!!  You will be a great missionary.  I know lots of people there so write me and tell me which areas you are in and I can send you referrals of all the Spanish people I know, (which is not a ton, but I know a couple)!! So cool!!!

Elder Fuell being happy writing a letter to family and friends!

And youth conference.  Wow! that is so cool,  I wish I could show you how happy I am!  Oh I am going to send you a picture of me right now! ha ha!  That  youth conference was one of the best I had,  we had all of us priests in one room, which was supper fun, and the testimony meeting was so strong,  and all of us priests were crying, especially when another one of the priests would get up to share their testimony and we went to bed that night and we were all saying " I love you man" to each other, lots of hugs.  It was awesome.  I still love them all, and now they are all on missions and I hope that one day we can all meet again like the sons of Mosiah.  That would be sweet!
Katie you got a Job!!  Cooking Pizza!! how awesome is that!  I also liked the sweater you had in the pictures that dad sent.  Dad and Dall, nice dunks!  I really liked the pics, to see everyone again its great!
It has been great here! 

Elder Fuell walking by a pig

So this Tuesday we were walking to a lesson, and a car pulled up next to us a person named Margarita, got out and said "Elders I want you to baptize me".  I thought things like that only happen in the movies, and even in the movies it is pretty rare.  So we baptized her last Thursday.  It was a great baptism.  The ward is really gathering around us because of all the baptisms and we have had some really good referrals that we are teaching that are so cool! They are perfect investigators.
We had an announcement from the president that we are going to have a new mission president in July, his name is Roberto Vasquez or Velasquez or something like that, they will announce it in the church news today I think.  He is from Puebla.
Sister Ayala was still really hesitant with the baptism.  She had been to the temple open house and said she wants to go there and get married but not get baptized, but the other day she had a really bad headache and her son suggested that we could give her a blessing.  She accepted, we blessed her she went to bed and the next day she woke up feeling great and said "I want to be baptized" so we will be baptizing her next week, and I will be coming back to Ixtla a year from now to see them go through the temple!!!
Josepha went to Puebla and wont be back until next week.  but I think she must be fine if she is going on such an extensive vacation.
Everything else here is great!  Sorry to hear about uncle Ben, but its great to know that he is reunited with his wife.
Being a missionary is awesome!!  I love you all!  I am glad to hear everything is going so well at home.
Con Muchimso Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell