Monday, March 26, 2012

Didn't feel a thing!!

It has been quite the week here in Mexico!  So I guess you heard about the earthquake?  Yeah that's a funny story, we were on a bus riding back to our areas after changes, and we didn't even feel anything!  After we got off we saw one of our investigators and he was all asking us if we had felt that earthquake.  And all week people were asking us "did you feel the earthquake" and we had to explain how we didn't.  Everyone said it was as strong as the one in 1985 that tore down all the houses.  But that one was an up and down earthquake, this was a side to side earthquake.   I guess it was pretty strong though because we went to meet with some investigators and we saw big cracks and stuff running up their walls, and we didn't even feel it.
I love my new area and my new companion Elder Sweetin.  He is from Las Vegas and he is really cool. We have been able to do a ton of work together.  We had more lessons taught to investigators this week than either of us have had in our mission.  It was crazy. and right now we feel a little dead. but it is fun.
My district is super cool and super small.  Only 4 missionaries, two companionships.  It is really cool.  I am pretty close to Quetzal again, it is in my zone, and We went and played futbol with Elder Luna and other missionaries this morning.  It was a lot of fun.
I am so excited for general conference.  All of our investigators are pretty excited too, to go and hear a Prophet.  We have a lot of great investigators here.  I owe a lot of the credit to Elder Sweetin and Elder Stringem who were here before me, they worked hard.  We found 12 new investigators this week.  One I really like is a Jehovas Witness, who usually dont listen to us but this guy was really cool.  It has been awesome!  The weathers good, the ward is good, the companions good,  What more could you ask for?
Con Muchismo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell