Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference Was Fantastic!!!

Wow, it has been a great week here in Mexico.  We have been working way hard and conference was awesome!  Today for P-day we went down to the Zocolo ( downtown D.F.) and we found an IHOP.  We forgot our cameras, but you should have seen how much we were smiling as we ate our American Pancakes ha ha. 
So we found a bunch of cool families this week.  We have been finding a ton of people and here are a couple of happenings with some of them;  Eduardo and his family are really cool.  One day we just felt like we should knock on his door,  He was super cool.  He told us that was weird that we just felt like knocking on his door because him and his family just felt like joining a religion recently but are not sure which one to join.  He is in a band and sings.  We are looking forward to a jam session in the future ha ha.
We also found Jesus and Vici who are really cool.  They are Jehovah's witness, usually the Jehovah's witness never listen to us, but they did and so did almost all of their family.  They are super cool, we gave a lesson about the plan of salvation the lesson was super powerful.  And he says that he has no doubts and that the spirit has convinced him.  Trouble is he works on Sunday, but his family should be coming to church.
We just changed day light savings time yesterday (thank goodness) we live next to a bunch of roosters and they would start crowing at 4 in the morning . . .  I am still getting used to it.
So Elder Sweetin and I had this awesome idea, and we got the permission from President Chavez to hold a football (soccer) tournament.  It should be pretty big as we have already invited 5 wards not to mention all the investigators that come out.  We are going to be having it on the 21st of April.
Conference was awesome!  It is like the Superbowl.  The sad thing is the church where we went to watch it, which is are ward building, is 30 minutes from our area in a microbus.  And riding on a microbus down avenida Tlahuac is a once in a life time experience. Its like the Indiana Jones ride at Disney land without seat belts and half of the time you have to stand because all the seats are taken.  We had to go down everyday!!  It was way fun ha ha.
All of the talks where awesome!  I loved Elder Anderson´s, Elder Erying,  and Elder Holland's talks.  They where all great!!  I really liked Elder Bendnar´s from priesthood sesion.  Dall and Dave, I sure hope you pulled something from that talk like I did.
Our Church is just off of Avenida Tlahuac which on calle payasos, I believe it is in colonia nopales.  If you go down perefieico which was a border with quetzal you will hit Tlahuac.  The name of the barrio is Mirasoles, in Estaca Iztapalapa.  I forgot our address I will give it to you all next week.  I love you and am glad to hear you are all doing well.
Con muchisimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell 

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell