Monday, April 23, 2012

180 lbs and all muscle!!!!

It has been an amazing week here in Mexico.  Congrats Dall on making the top 10!!  That is super cool,  Its like the top ten funny things on David Letterman, #1 Dallin Fuell ha ha.  Kate, you are coming down to Mexico in a week, are you super excited?  I would be, Mexico is awesome.  Mom I am glad to here you are enjoying your time with your friends in England as well as the Beef Wellington.  
Yeah we are pretty close to the Volcano not as close as I was in Ixtla, but I am sure the president will pull us out if things get to crazy.  It has been pretty funny with Elder Brito, he is from Tabasco Mexico, the Yuctan Jungles and all that stuff, and his whole mission he has been over there on the nicer side of the city and he is always super scared here,  I guess maybe I would be scared too if I hadn't lived here for a year, but it is all normal, and I am bigger now (180 lbs, all muscle ;) Dall) so they usually don't mess with me, and they are all two poor to carry a gun so really there is no problem at all.
This week we focused on teaching lessons to investigators with members present.  It was super good because it got the ward excited about sharing the gospel and it gave more support for the people who were investigating the church.  Not only that, but the church attendance of our investigators doubled.  What a miracle!!
One of my investigators is in a band, he started writing all this music about the stuff we were talking about, he has a song titled Prophets, and Celestial obsession, Jesus Christ.......different.........It is a rock band but I haven't had the chance to listen to the CD he gave me because we cant listen to music. But you guys can look it up on YouTube and tell me how it is.  The name of his band is Milvulbrek, he said you should just search that.
Yeah Zone meetings are pretty cool,  I love my zone leaders they are awesome guys.  Every week we have an interview with one of them and sometimes the president comes but not every week.  I will miss President Chavez, he is super good at teaching, I will miss his lessons a lot, but I know the new president will have new talents to offer as well..
I have some money now to buy some white shirts, I haven't been able to find any yet, but I will let you know when I do ,or if you need to send more,
I was reading in the Liahona (Ensign)for this month, the message by the Prophet, it was super awesome!  As I read it I knew that he is a prophet of God, I know that anyone can receive the same witness by the power of the Holy Ghost, I am grateful for him and his example. I love you all, and am excited to here how everything goes this week.
Con muchisimo amor,
Elder Joe Fuell  

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell