Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Great Week in Mexico!!!

It has been a busy but fun week here in Mexico.  Dall congrats in making class officer!!  That is super cool! Sounds like there is a lot of coming and going in the house, that is cool, better busy than bored.  
It has been quite the eventful week.  Last Monday we went to Chapultepec, which is like the central park of Mexico city.  They have about 30 museums there, we went to 4 it was awesome!  The one museum was a castle and was super old and on a hill so you could see the whole city, it was pretty sweet.
This week one of my investigators, Carlos, had a dream, that he saw a picture of Christ and it was fading away into the background, and he heard a voice that said "follow me" and then he woke up with the thought that he needs to come to church with us!! So he couldn't come this week, but he is super excited to come next week, with his family Jesica, y Axel. 
Another one of our investigators, Fransisco, was super hesitant about coming to church, not because he didn't want to but because he works day to day selling hub-caps for cars.  He doesn't make that much, just enough to eat for the next day for him and his family.  He was very worried that if he closed up his shop he would not have food for his wife or kids.  We told him to pray and have faith and the Lord would provide for his family.  He told his wife that he wasn't going to open up the shop on Sunday and was going to go to church with us.  She wasn't to thrilled about the idea, but she supported him in the end.  He came to church and loved it.  But the best part about it is that his business is doing better than ever and he made 4 times as much money on Monday as he usually does.  He knew that it was a blessing of the Lord and has excepted to be baptized on the 27 of May.   I am so excited for him.  Because of this miracle, now his wife is listening to us too.  It has been awesome.
I am also learning about the blessing of delegation.  It has been hard working with the ward and teaching all of our investigators because we have so many but that is why we have a Ward Mission Leader.  What a blessing it is, I have never really taken advantage of them before, but now we are working with ours and it is a huge load off of our back.  Life is great,  what can I say more?
Con Muchísimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell 

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Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell