Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Fuell's in Mexico!!!!!

Wow, what a week!
The big news here is that there is another Fuell in Mexico (Katie).  I keep telling everyone even though they could probably care less, it is a big deal to me ha ha.  Sorry to hear that you guys got the flu, that is no fun.  I have been really blessed with good health during this last year (that has been extremely quick!)  I am looking forward to my one year mark, I think it is on Friday and celebrating my amazing mom, and talking with you all this Sunday.
This week has not been one of the easiest in my mission.  It was actually a pretty hard week, and no one let us in and we got really sun burnt' well  I got sun burnt,  Mexicans usually don't get burnt.  Sometimes  I think of when the Savior was born and no one would let them into the inn because it was full.  I am glad that he had a stable and didn't get sun burnt (NOT SAYING that I suffer more than the Savior, just saying I am grateful he had a stable).
But we received some amazing blessings after the trial of our faith.  Saturday we found a family of six,  I love teaching families because this is a message that can really bless them.  It was way fun and they were super interested so I am excited to see how this pans out.  Jesus and Vici, and Amanda! wow! What a lesson, one of the best in my mission.  The spirit was super strong, and afterwards Jesus said "I know this is the true church by this feeling that you bring into my home. I know you have the authority to baptize, When can I get baptized" followed by his wife Vici asking when she could get baptized as well.  But the best part was when the mom of Jesus told us, I am going to have to tell my church that I am getting baptized with the Mormon Brothers because I feel their love.  I know that people really can feel it when you love them,  and that really is the best thing you can do for anyone.
I am expecting to see some amazing miracles this week, so I can tell you about it on Sunday.  I love you all so much.  You are in my prayers.
Con Muhcisimo Amor,
Elder Joe Fuell
p.s. I know I will send more, pics but the computers I have been at lately don't have a USB ports to put in my camera thing, so when we find one with a USB I will pass all my pictures hopefully soon.  I have a lot of pictures.


  1. How exciting that you all get to talk to joe on Sunday! Tell him hi from Nathan and I and that we love and miss him! He sounds like he is doing some great work out there!! I love all the amazing stories. What is Kate doing in Mexico?

    1. She went to Cancun with the Jeppsons. Lindsey's grandparents said she could bring a friend and her and Katie are having a blast. Good luck with your first patient and we all know you'll do great!!!!!


Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell