Tuesday, October 2, 2012

There's nothing like it....words cant describe it, but it was awesome.

It was a great week in here in Mexico.  It was kind of sad because I didn't get to work in my area at all this week due to going on intercambios (exchanges), meetings, and baptisms, but I still saw lots of miracles and got to help a lot other missionaries.
Elder Fuell and his Companion Elder Stauffer

I went on intercamibios this week with Elder Malpica (yep, that elder Maplica) and Elder Hernandez.  To tell you the truth I was a little worried because we have had our conflicts in the past. But it was an awesome day and we had a blast.  We had a bunch of fun contacting people,  I tried to get them excited to try new things so it would be more fun, we did and it was a blast.  We knocked on one window and a lady came to it and said that she was busy doing homework and we were about to leave when a half naked wet man came running to the window and said  "Hey,  I want to listen to your message!! Can you give me 10 minutes to dry and put on my clothes? (he was showering)  We told him that we could wait.  He was the father of a family of 8 all above the age of 8 years old, and they will all be attending general conference this weekend, it was quite the miracle.


Then we had the baptism of Brenda Alcala this week.  It was an awesome baptism and the spirit was really strong.  There's nothing like it....words cant describe it, but it was awesome.

Glad that you all had a great homecoming weekend and topped it off with the primary program.  I have been to one primary program here in Mexico, it was really cool,  I don't know if they will do one in this ward because we only have 4 kids in the primary, but we´ll see.

I love you all have an awesome week.
Con Muchísimo amor,
Elder Joe Fuell
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  1. I love to read these posts! Es un gran misionero!
    Uncle Dale

    1. Thanks Dale!! I think Joe would be glad to know that his Uncle thinks he is un gran misionero! He definitely looks up to all of his Uncles.


Elder Joe Fuell

Elder Joe Fuell